Papers in Israeli professional-legal journals (Hebrew)

  1. Nir Mualam: “The Power of the Local Planning Authority to Determine the Design of Structures: Towards an Israeli Urban Renaissance?” in Real Property Journal (Israel) 5(5): 12-63. Sept. 2006 (Hebrew).
  2. Nir Mualam: “Some Thoughts about Paradise Hotel:  What is “A Building”? What Mandates a Building Permit? in Real Property Journal (Israel)8(1): 3-23. Jan. 2009 (Hebrew).
  3. Nir Mualam: “A brave new yellow world? On aesthetic limitations and property rights” in Real Property Journal (Israel)9(2): 1-17. March 2010 (Hebrew).
  4. Rachelle Alterman (edited and translated by Nir Mualam). “Regulatory Takings of Property: Comparative International Analysis as a Basis for Reform” in Real Property Journal (Israel) 9(5): 3-59. Sept. 2010 (Hebrew). This publication was cited by the Supreme Court in Civil Appeal Request No. 6483/15.
  5. Nir Mualam: “Agreeing to Build: Owners’ objections during the process of development” in Real Property Journal (Israel)10 (3): 23-53. May 2011 (Hebrew).
  6. Nir Mualam: “Property or interest in property? Who may initiate a plan under the Israeli Planning and Building Act“ in Real Property Journal (Israel)11(5): 43-60. Sept. 2012 (Hebrew).
  7. Nir Mualam and Rachelle Alterman: “The cracked building block: Design briefs according to the Israel Planning and Building Law” in Real Property Journal   (Israel)  12(4): 17-80. July 2013 (Hebrew). This publication was cited twice by the District Administrative Court (Administrative Appeal (Haifa) No. 7555-06-13, & Admin. Appeal (Haifa) No. 16130-05-14.
  8. Nir Mualam:Betterment taxes in Israel: The death of Kanit court decision?” in Real Property Journal (Mekarkeyin)(Israel)  12(4): 17-80. July 2016 (Hebrew).
  9. Amit Peretz and Nir Mualam: “Private Open Public Spaces in Cities: An Overview, in Real Property Journal (Mekarkeyin)(Israel)  17(2), April 2018 (Hebrew).

Research Reports and other publications

  1. Nir Mualam: “Debating Historic Preservation in Israel: The Case of Tel Aviv”, 15 Pardes, Zeitschrift der Vereinigung fur Judische Studien (Special Issue: 100th Anniversary to Tel Aviv) 15: 94-120 (2009) (English).
  2. “Rent Control” an International Comparative Analysis (2014). Prepared for Tel Aviv’s Mayor and CEO. The research is part of a local initiative to introduce Rent Control measures in the City of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. The research has been referred to by the government’s Housing Cabinet (decision of March 2014).
  3. “Maintenance of private open public spaces (POPS) and tall buildings in Israel”. Report prepared for Tel Aviv’s Planning Department, 2016 (Hebrew).
  4. Eynat Mendelson & Nir Mualam (2017). Comparing mural art policies and regulations: Devising a new conceptual framework. Street Art & Urban Creativity 3(2): 90-93 (English).
  5. Nir Mualam, Eyal Salinger, & Sarah Goldberg (2020). Implementing Value Capture in Israel: An Examination of Recent Tools and Policies for Urban Renewal and Earthquake Preparedness. Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Working Paper No. WP20NM1.