Policy Lab

The Planning Policy Lab:

The lab focuses on policy studies that can inform and inspire change in Israel and abroad. The lab’s research focuses on policies in a range of fields in order to inquire what works and what does not and to assess the impact of land use policies.

Planning Policy Lab: a sample of existing research and fields of inquiry:

  • High-rise Development. A study of legal and administrative tools for maintaining and improving the upkeep oh high-rises.
  • Rent Control: A study of existing instruments of rent control and their implications on landlord-tenant relationship.
  • Neighbors’ Disputes. A study of conflicts in multi-title condominium buildings in Israel.
  • The National Committee for Preferred Housing Plans. A study about centralization policies in land use planning in Israel.
  • Murals and the City. A comparative study of existing mural policies around the world and their impact on different aspects of culture-led initiatives.
  • Urban Regeneration. A study of ‘Evict and Build’ policies in Israel and their impact on residential mobility.
  • Vertical living. A study on the allocation of public utilities in mixed-use, highrise towers.